Mentally Drained

You’re not angry, you’re not becoming lazy, and you’re not giving up. You are just mentally drained. You see, it has been plenty of times, in my life, where I have felt mentally drained. Especially since I have joined the navy where I have to deal with difficult task on the daily. Now, of course you might be asking, what do you do when you are mentally drained? And the answer to that would be to allow your mind to rest. Allow your mind to rest whether that’s by taking a quick nap or escaping everyone by finding a quiet place. You see, I have learned that usually when your mind is drained that leads to things such as headaches, sleepiness, and other problems that come into place when you are mentally drained. I get it, you could be someone who is a workaholic and when you feel drained you just push through it and proceed on until you are done. You see, that’s not bad but wouldn’t you like to finish your work with 100% rather than half-assing it? Would you rather do it right the first time than having to start all over simply because you didn’t have the right mindset for it at the time? There’s nothing wrong with having to come back and finish something all because you are mentally drained. We have to think about our overall health because sometimes when work is in the way, we tend to just block out the way we are feeling and just continue to press on thinking that we are motivated when really we are just drained and just trying to get it over with already. Which is why you must rest your mind when you feel mentally drained. It’s not giving up or being lazy, it’s just simply resting your mind so you can come back better than you were before.

The Power Of Understanding

You see, most times I get asked “What’s being a black man like? What’s being in the navy like? What’s chasing your dreams like?” But I’ve never heard the question “What’s being different like?” I think being different for us is done in many ways through the hardships and struggles we face everyday. Some comes from Hispanics having to deal with being called an immigrant everyday. Some comes from a black person being told you don’t even know your own father, and some comes from a white person trying to prove a point that not all white people are racist. You see, I feel like we don’t understand anything about each other at times, like yeah we try but most of the time that goes in one ear and comes out the other. I feel like we don’t truly take time to try to understand the other race’s challenges and hardships that they have to face too. Like let’s be real not every black person lives in the ghetto, not every white person has money, not every Hispanic person is illegal, not every Filipino person was treated equal growing up, and not every person is the same. We all are treated different for things that at times we have no control over. We can’t help it that our families act like this, we can’t help it that we were born this color, we can’t help it that this person said this, and we can’t help the fact that we were born the way we are now. But, what we can help is how we react to things, how we choose to help people, how we choose to understand each other even with our very own differences, and how we choose to make a change not only in others but mainly in ourselves. You see, the moral of the story is this we all are here for a different reason that we are still trying to figure out. Some of us look for purpose in many different things while some of us just go with the flow. But I ask whoever you are, please do one thing and that is before you judge, before you fight, before you hate please take a minute and try to understand one another. It’s a useful tool for dealing with someone different from me. I learned it helps make things easier not only for yourself, but for other people as well.

What Does Your Dreams Identify About You

The love I have for my dreams is real. I think about them everyday, all day. I have late nights and early mornings because I’m working towards them. And I rush to sleep only to wake up driven and motivated by them. You see, my dreams reveal my hard work, my love for learning more, and my obsession with demanding more out of myself. Because at the end of the day my dreams identify me. So ask yourself what are the things that you dream about? And what would you like for your dreams to reveal about you?

Why I choose to be nice

You know in a world that’s contains some evil, wicked, and toxic people. I still choose to be nice. I choose to be nice because two wrongs don’t make a right. I choose to be nice not because I have to, but because I want to. I choose to be nice because a smile a day can take someone’s pain away. I choose to be nice because I’m a kind hearted soul and I will always choose to be that way. And I choose to be nice because there’s already enough darkness in the world, so why not shine some light over it?


I once I heard a saying that goes, “Don’t forget to build your own castle while helping someone else build theirs.” This is important because so many times in life we tend to help people as much as we can, but we forget to help ourselves. To be honest I’m living proof of it, it has been many times where I have helped others and totally forgot about myself. I have given money, time, and love to others but didn’t give it to myself. You see, it’s not selfish to make sure you are taken care of first before helping someone else out. You must remember that you can’t do anything for anyone if you don’t even do it for yourself. It all apart of self-care because when you take care of yourself, you can now help others do the same. So, don’t forget to look out for yourself while looking out for others. Because when it comes down to it the only person on earth who can really take care of you is yourself.

It’s ok that you are not

You are going through pain, it’s ok. You feel lost and discourage, it’s ok. You feel no love is given to you, it’s ok. All the doors around you seem to be locked, it’s ok. You see it’s ok, it’s ok that you are not ok. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So many people don’t like seeing others all drained and down because they feel like it affects them. Now, in some ways it does, but it’s not always in a bad way. You see, there is a lesson to be learned from this. And that lesson is that you will not always be ok. You will not always have a smile on your face and you will not always be fine with your current situation. So don’t be scared to show that you are not ok, because in reality most of the times we aren’t even if it seem like we are, deep down inside there is someone crying and begging to get out.

Inspired by Megan Divine

Planted Seed

Love, learn, live, is it all a game. We love then we hate, is it all the same. We struggle in disguise, but rise upon their eyes. The pain we never show, the tears we try to hide. The love we show to many, whether lost and never found. The hate that we receive, whether up or ever down. And still we choose to rise, as we go up above the skies. The heavens will know our name, the hells will know our pride. Our life is like a seed, and forever they shall know. You cannot stop a seed, that is forever meant to grow.