How do we truly know if it’s meant to be?

I have seen celebrities who have been together for many years and then all of a sudden they fall off, and get a divorce. I have witness pastors and life coaches talk about their trials and tribulations with a significant other, and how it’s a process to stay together only for them to end up separating. Which brings me to my next topic, how do you know if it’s truly meant to be? You see, you could have hell of money, be the cutest thing ever, be someone who talks about love with your significant other, and still end up falling off. So, it makes me wonder how do you truly know if someone is meant for you? Now, me personally I would feel like I wasted my time if I married a woman, and 30 years down the line we end up separating over something that we could have worked out together. You see, I believe every relationship needs to start with a strong foundation. Because down the line the foundation should be strengthen and added on to. I believe what causes people to divorce down the line is the weak bonds between them that they didn’t notice in the beginning stages that led to them splitting up. You see, there is a saying that goes like this “how a relationship starts is how it usually ends.” For instance, if a lot of cheating and lying is going on in the beginning, then soon that will be the cause of why it will end. I also believe having a decline in faith, as time goes by, is another reason why divorces happen. Now, I’m no love expert and I don’t study love this is just something I have noticed in a lot of relationships and it’s something I have wondered about. So again I ask, how do we truly know if someone is meant to be? How do we truly know if we are in love?

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