Change of Vocabulary

I learned that mindset is a very important thing that you have to change in order to break free from your bad habits. Which also includes changing your vocabulary. For example, when I started the process of publishing my book I had to stop viewing my book as another expense. You see, publishing a book costs time and money, and at times I would have to sacrifice going out with friends and spending money on things that weren’t important just so I would have enough saved up, so I could put it towards my book. You see, I had to learn that it’s not considered an expense, it’s an investment. It’s an investment in something I believe in and I shouldn’t be tripping about it, and treating it like another expense. You see, you might not think it matters, but the way you see something will affect the way you feel and think about it. For example, your job you may or might not like it, but if you constantly tell yourself that “you fucking hate it” and “nothing will change,” then nothing will change. But, if you come into work, even though you don’t like it, and you say something like “you know what I don’t like this job, but I know a change is coming for me one day,” then a change will come. But, you have to speak it into exist and change your vocabulary because leveling up is going to require for you to change so many traits about yourself to the point where you become unrecognizable. You’ll become a whole new person and the good thing about that is you get to decide who you want to become.

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