Have you ever thought about something or said something then later on that day, or week it became reality? You see, that’s called manifesting. You see, when you manifest something you think or speak it into existence. It’s something that’s very powerful because whether it’s good or bad it can come true. You see, I strongly believe that your mind, soul, body, spirit and the universe are affected heavily by the things you say or think. For instance, if you speak life into yourself then you will get life, but if speak death into yourself then you will get death. I once heard this old ancient quote that goes “The warrior inside of us is affected by the things we speak or think of”, which is another reason I wrote this speech because it reminded me just how important manifesting is. You see, if you want to turn your whole life around you must see the good in it first. But, not do you need to see it you must manifest it, you must think it, speak it, and pursue it. Because changing your life begins the very moment you start to manifest it.

“Whatever image your mind clings to will tend to replicate itself in your real world.”~ Mary Morrissey

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