Walking in the shadow of men

Walking in the shadow of men can be tough life at times. You see, us men have accomplished so many things, but we have also caused so much destruction. We have lied, cheated, raped, harassed, begged, sinned, and caused so many more traumas to the point where most women, and even most men have separated themselves from us. Like men, most women have insecurities and trust issues, and most of it is due to the relationships they’ve had with women. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with the same conversation about men, and how we all are the same, and how we all just want to swing that dangly thing in between our legs. Now, I try to understand, but there’s also apart of me that wants to defend that term because not all men are the same. Most men aren’t cheaters, most men aren’t liars, most men aren’t rapist in fact some actually have mothers who have been raped, which is why they promised to never hurt a woman, and also most men really only want one thing. And that’s to be given a chance, a chance to show that they aren’t like other men. A chance to show that you can trust them. A chance to show that you can come to them in time of need, and a chance to show you that even on your darkest days, we will still love you, and help you overcome them. You see, walking in a shadow of men, to me, is a beautiful gift that can easily be turned into a curse if we allow it to be. But like most curses, they all contain a cure to them. I believe the cure to the shadow of men is to first realize that we are not perfect, we are not all strong, we weren’t born full of lustful thoughts, it’s something that we learned, and that we are all not the same. Honestly, we are all not protectors because as many times as a man can hurt you, there will always be one that can protect you. Now sure finding these men can be hard sometimes, even the men that were once attackers, turned out to be protectors in the end. It can’t be something built in one day, it’s something that takes time. It’s takes time for men to realize our actions, even once we have been told them. It still may not click right then and there. But, overtime the shadows of most men can be cured and healed. Now, some may take it to their graves. Never becoming the new man they should have be. But, others will break out of their cocoon, and become the warrior that has been waiting on them the whole time.

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