Resist and Refill

Resisting and Refilling is something very important that I have begun to take notice of. It’s something that I have begun to add to my life so that I can improve my mental and physical state overall. You see, I’ve learned that there are many things in our life that we are going to have to resist. Those things include drinking, lustful thoughts, laziness, procrastinating, overthinking, sexualization, negative self-talk to ourselves and others, and many more. And refill with things such as working out, meditating, praying, learning, executing, and overall healing ourselves in every way. You see, people talk about how you should stop overthinking but never have an answer to how you should stop. They talk about how you shouldn’t have lustful thoughts but don’t have the answers for it. I believe the reason for this is because many people know how to resist something but they don’t know how to refill it. You see, it’s like working out, when you work out your body is being torn apart and broken down, and the way to refill it is through drinking water and eating the right food. It’s like good and bad, these two are partners and if you think you can live your life without one or the other then you are in for a rude awakening. Honestly, I was someone who struggled with resist and refill. Because I would resist the lustful thoughts but I had nothing to refill it with, which would cause them to happen again. However, I learned that through the refilling of prayer and writing that I could resist lustful thoughts so I would be able to strengthen myself mentally. So, I say to you find out what is in your life that you want to resist, and once you have the answer figure out how you will refill from these things. Because it’s hard to resist but it’s also hard to refill especially when things have become a routine for you. This is why you must make it a routine to practice resisting and refilling every day until you have mastered them both. Because the only person that can truly stop you from being able to resist and refill is yourself.

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