Walking in the shadow of women

We’ve talked about walking in the shadow of men, but what about walking in the shadow of women? You see, as a man I have heard, seen, and learned many different things about women that I’m still in the process of understanding. You see, women have accomplished so many great things as well, but also like men they have faced and caused destruction as well. They have cheated, lied, manipulated, tortured, used, and abused themselves and others. They have faced backlash and shame such as if their ass isn’t as big as others, if they aren’t as pretty as others, if their hip size isn’t as small as others, and so much more. You see, nowadays women will be put into different categories such as if she’s wearing this she’s a whore, or if she acts this way then she’s gay. It’s to the point where some women have become very self-conscious and insecure about themselves because of how they look and they’ll do almost anything to get that perfect body just so they can fit in with the crowd or not be judged as much by others. You see, I believe that if a woman wears certain clothes it’s not because she wants to show her private areas off, it’s because she wants to feel and look good for herself. Now, I also believe if a woman is wearing certain clothes for attention we shouldn’t go around assuming every woman is like that all because of one. Honestly, I feel like most women just want a chance, a chance to be treated as equals, a chance to not be looked at as sexual objects, and a chance to be able to think on their own. There’s a reason why some women choose to be independent, even though they know they can easily get a man. They prefer to not have one because they don’t want anyone telling them what to do. Now, I do believe women walking in the shadow of other women have been blessed with a gift and a curse as well. But like men, that curse can be cured and that gift can be used. For example, not all women are meant to be mothers in this world because some women will hurt, neglect, and abuse their children. It’s sad because there are women who want a child but are having problems producing one. There are women who would give their all just to be blessed with a child to protect, nurture, and love. Because for every cursed woman there will always be one who can make the sun shine on a rainy day and fill the empty hearts with love. It’s sad to admit how some women will go to their graves never once becoming the goddess they were meant to be. All because of the shadow they refused to clean. But, the others will go to their grave as goddesses on earth because of the shadow they cleaned and made new again.

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