In Search Of Guidance

You see, as a baby, we have to be taken care of because at that time we aren’t able to take care of ourselves. We have to be fed, bathed, changed, and so much more. We depend on other people to take care of us because we aren’t able to do it ourselves. Now, fast-forward into our teenage years. There are certain things we have to do on our own now, but there are also new responsibilities added on like homework, chores, learning how to drive, having a curfew set, and many more. Now, the kicker is some of us are lucky enough to have parents/guardians who believe in us, tell us we can do anything we set our mind to, and help guide us in a good direction. Now, some of us weren’t given that opportunity. Some of us didn’t have parents/guardians who loved us, believed in us, and guided us in a good direction. So instead, some turned to anyone willing to lead them in any direction. Most people ask why does this person have such bad behavior? Why does this person lack common sense? Why does this person have no goals? etc. You see, people look at these kinds of people and ask all these questions, but they don’t realize that this person might be someone who didn’t have any guidance in life. This person didn’t have anyone to show him/her good matters so they followed someone who showed them bad ones. This person didn’t have anyone to show them how to work for what you want so he/her followed someone who showed them how to steal it. This person didn’t have someone who had goals for themselves so they followed someone who had none. This person didn’t have a home to go to so they followed someone who had given them a house. You see, without guidance in our lives, we can get out of control and lost, therefore we’ll turn to anyone who can get us out of it. It doesn’t matter if their intentions are good or bad, we will listen to them because it’s the only guidance we are receiving. So, why do we judge people based on the lack of guidance some of us have over others? Is it because we think we are better than them? Is it because we lack guidance ourselves? Or is it because we just love seeing people suffer more than us? I was always told to treat everyone with respect, but most of all treat everyone the same way you want to be treated. So, how do we all want to be treated? What is this guidance that we all so desperately need?

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