The greatest reward

I ask myself many times, just what am I doing this for? Was it for the money? Was it for the fame? Was it just so I could clear my mind? Or was it for something that I haven’t discovered yet? You see, I first started writing because I needed a way to escape my old mindset. I was in a bad spot mentally and I just needed something to help me out. But, as I continued on writing, not only did it allow me to heal myself mentally but it opened up new doors for me. You see, as new doors begin to open up I begin to ask more questions and one of the questions I asked was, what is the greatest reward? You see, I believe the greatest reward is to know that you did everything you wanted to do in your life and left nothing behind. But, I realized that the greatest reward required the greatest sacrifice. You see you can’t just ask for something and not work your ass off to receive it. It’s doesn’t work that way. The way it works is by knowing the system, asking the questions, and putting in the work. You see, your greatest reward is something that you can take to the grave with you. You can take it to the grave with you knowing that you did all of what you wanted to do. You reshaped the world, you showed someone how to love, you wrote books that changed people’s lives, you jumped in a ball pit even though the sign says no adults allowed, and so much more. So I ask you are you willing to make the greatest sacrifice for the greatest reward? Because that greatest reward can’t be achieved without us making the greatest sacrifice to become the greatest person we can be.

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