Garden of Sins

Imagine all of the sins that you have committed, placed into one big garden. Now, imagine some of these sins staying as small as a rose but some of them growing to be as big as a tree. The ones staying small are the ones you nurture the least, but the ones growing big are the ones you nurture the most. Now imagine another garden, but this one is full of goals and dreams. This garden doesn’t grow at all, and all of your goals and dreams stay the size of a seed. So because of the lack of nurture, you didn’t put into your goals and dreams, your sins grew larger which ended up destroying your entire garden. You nurtured sins of judgment towards people but didn’t nurture those goals to help them. You nurtured sins of lying and cheating but didn’t nurture goals of honesty and loyalty. You nurtured sins for hatred but didn’t nurture goals for love. You see we walk around and expect our garden to grow when all we are doing is poisoning it by nurturing the garden of sins that keeps it from growing. As the saying goes “We ask for the bag from God but as soon as we receive it, we forget why we asked for it in the first place”. So, why do we ask for the sunlight, the water, and the dirt for our garden if we are only going to pour them into things that prevent our garden from growing?

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