The things you dream about doing, someone else is already doing it. The life that you want to live, someone else is already living it. So don’t hate on them and say how they are lucky. Because they are living proof to show you that you can do the same. #liftmeup

Underrated Motivation

Some say motivation is overrated, but I think it’s underrated. I feel like so many people still don’t realize how much motivation can help you. For those struggling, it can help you turn your whole life around, for those lost it can help you be found again, and for those receiving so little it can help you receive so much more. You see, motivation is not just the drive and the impulsive feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. It’s knowing that something better and more is out there for you, but only if you are willing to go for it. But that’s only if you are willing to do what others wouldn’t do, dare to do things that you have never tried before, and take that leap that you are scared to take which could be life changing for you.