What’s written in the scars?

Written behind the scars, lies a person beaten and broken. A person who couldn’t withstand any pain, any suffering, or any lost of any kind. But what’s written in the scars? What remains after the damage has been done? You see, there is a story to be told from the scars, the scars aren’t just ruins that we wish would go away. The scars are a story, they are memories, they are mountains we have conquered and valleys we have washed away. They’re our brightest sun and our darkest moon. They’re our reasons to move on and our reasons to give more. Truth is what’s written in the scars is us.

I’m an over thinker

I’m proud to say that I’m an over thinker. You see, there are so many things that I constantly have on my mind and so many situations that I make up in my mind that can sometimes lead to great things, but also bad ones. What I mean by that is I like to dive deep into everything that I think about, you see to me it’s more than just a thought, it’s a vision. It’s a vision that can manifest into a good way but also in a bad way. For example, I’m always thinking of ways, of how I can make myself better whether that’s through my website, speeches, writings, businesses, etc. But, I also think about a lot of “What if’s?” that tends to bring me down at times. Like I’ll be like what if no one likes it, what if I mess something up, what if I’m leading people down the wrong path,etc. You see, with the positives thoughts also comes the negative ones. Now, yes I do all that I can to help with the negativity so I can wash it away, but it’s like with every new goal, every new mountain I climb, there is always something negative that comes in my mind about it. I mainly believe it comes from the fact of me getting scared because I’m achieving and doing things I never done before, but at some point I feel like it’s too good to be true. At some point I feel like I’m going to fail and fail and fail again, and never seem to make it back to the place I originally was. But in all honesty, I realized that I’m fine with failing. I’m fine with failing over and over and over again, and never going back to the person I used to be. Because there is no need to stay the same, there is no need to not try new things, and there is no need for me to over think about the possibilities of greatness that I possess. So, I say this, if you are an over thinker, EMBRACE THAT SHIT! There isn’t nothing wrong with being an over thinker, you just have to realize that you at least think about all the possibilities that can occur. Whether they’re negative or positive you think them, but you can also change them. Remember it’s your mind, your thoughts, so control them the way that you want to. Embrace them the way that you to. And let your thoughts be one with the wind.

What are our limits?

There’s a saying that goes “I’m only human.”You see, what I understand from this saying is that it means “I’m a human. I have limits,” which I totally agree with but I also disagree with. You see, something that I have learned is that humanity is capable of anything when we work together. You see, I had to learn that you contain all the answers to your problems, but the only thing is you need someone to guide you towards those answers. It’s like the answers are already there you just haven’t unlocked them because you haven’t asked. You haven’t ask the questions that you need to ask, you haven’t went looking for the help that you need, and you will stay limited until you learn to make connections with the abundance around you. You see, we surprise ourselves with all the new heights that we reach such as; putting a man on the moon, sending a rover to Mars, building towers that seem to reach the heavens, and leaving behind any doubts of being limited. You see, we have already proven that together we are limitless, that together we can achieve anything. But what is humanity capable of? I believe that answer is anything that we put our mind to. Because yes, alone we have limits, but together we are limitless. Together we can help each other unlock the limits that were set for us. So if you are someone who knows they can’t do everything alone, someone who knows they don’t contain all the answers, find someone who does. Reality is we all need help with something, we all have questions that we want answers to. So what better way to get it then by asking each other? What better way to help than to help each other?


When someone is going through adversities, we tend to have good intentions of wanting to help. But the best way to help them is by allowing them to go through it. You see, I have just recently learned something from a documentary titled “Heal,” which has changed the way I thought about adversities in the past. There was a man that was walking and he saw a caterpillar trapped inside of a chrysalis. He saw it struggling to break open the chrysalis, so he decided to cut open the chrysalis to allow the caterpillar to be free. Now, he did free the caterpillar, but the caterpillar emerged from the chrysalis as a dead butterfly. Now, you might say the man had good intentions but the caterpillar still died. Why is that? You see, I have learned that the man had good intentions but he didn’t allow for the caterpillar to go through the process of emergence and struggle. You see, you must go through struggle, heartbreaks, stress, and pain in order to emerge into the butterfly that you are meant to be. So my advice to you would be to allow for people to go through the adversities that they have. Now, you can be a guide for them in case they need some assistance, but still allow for them to do all the work themselves. You don’t need to get in the way of what looks to be a caterpillar trapped inside a chrysalis, but it’s actually a butterfly waiting to emerge.

If you aren’t doing it for yourself or for your family then who are you doing it for? If it doesn’t make you happy and it’s something that you aren’t passionate about. Then why are you doing it in the first place? Don’t allow yourself to be held down by things that you can control.