”Attention Seeking: Is it good or bad?”

Is attention-seeking bad? Most of the time when someone posts something or does something we think “Oh, wow they are just doing it for attention.” And now it’s to the point where it’s considered something bad. It’s considered something you shouldn’t be doing. But, what if attention-seeking isn’t something bad? What if it could be something good? What brought me to this idea is the fact that many people in this world feel lonely. Many people feel as if they have no one to talk to. So they go out looking for “attention,” just so someone could notice them. Just so they don’t feel lonely anymore. So you are probably thinking to yourself “Well if attention-seeking could be considered a good thing, then why does everyone treat it like it’s something bad?” The answer to that question is this. It’s because those who usually judge people for attention-seeking are usually the ones who want attention as well. They are just too scared to go out looking for it. By attention-seeking people no longer feel lonely. They no longer feel like no one notices them and they feel complete because a hole within them has been filled with something they were missing and that was attention. So, when we encounter someone who seems to be attention-seeking let’s ask ourselves why might this person be doing this before we begin judging them. Because everyone has their battle to fight and we all fight them in different ways. Some just do that by attention-seeking.

Training of the mind

Have you ever told yourself that you’re going to focus on yourself? From now on you will eliminate distractions. So you get started and you are good for a week. Maybe a few days, a few hours, then boom! Something happens and all of a sudden you get distracted. All of a sudden you’re focused on something else rather than the goals you have set in place. You see, this happens to me all the time. For example, I will tell myself that I will go up to the post office today or I will do laundry today and sooner or later an excuse comes into place or I get distracted and forget what I said I was going to do in the first place. For a while, I use to beat myself up about it and be like man you need to grow up and learn to stay focus because all these little kids’ games you’re playing need to stop now. But honestly, they will never go away in a day, a week, a year. Hell, it could take years for them to finally go away. Now am I willing to wait a year to see if they will go away? The answer to that question is no. I will not wait for a year to see if they will go away because I don’t even know if I’ll be alive in a year. Not that I’m speaking death into existence or anything I’m just being real. Life is too short to wait to better yourself when you could be taking small steps now to do so. It all goes back to the training of the mind. You must train your mind to be able to focus on the goals that you have set into place and the only way to do that is by getting out there in the field and getting dirty. Yes, you’ll make mistakes doing so. Yes, you’ll fail sometimes. And yes, you’ll forget certain things in the first place. It’s what makes us human because we all fuck up sometimes. But, what will separate you from the rest is that you are willing to go out there and fail and make mistakes just to achieve the goals that are important to you. But it all lies on how you train your mind to do the things that you said you would do.

Broken Curses

Growing up money was something that wasn’t always there at times. Having to deal with three boys plus my stepdad, my mom had a lot on her plate so at times my brothers and I wanted to make it easier for her. She would always say “No, I’m fine just focus on school and stuff I’ll take care of everything else.” We always knew everything wasn’t fine, but my mom wanted to keep things away from us because she didn’t want us to worry about the things she was worried about. She didn’t want us to worry about bills, being kicked out, or transportation. She wanted us to focus on our dreams, goals, and not put them to the side because of the events that were happening around us. Now it’s easy to drop everything and worry about taking care of your family back home. But, it’s hard to go out there in the world and make something out of yourself so you can be able to take care of yourself as well as your family. I think it’s hard because while you are out there trying to make something out of yourself, your family may still be struggling but you feel like there isn’t anything that you can do to help since you are trying to find a way for yourself first before you find a way for them. So, then you stop what you’re doing and get a job close to home so you can give all that money to your family and not have anything left for yourself. Sometimes making the hard choice is exactly what your family needs from you. They need for you to go out there and better yourself and once you have made it out you can come back and show them how you did it. Because staying home to help the family isn’t bad at all, but how much help will you be if you are doing the same things they are doing to survive? This is why you must be different, you must find a way, and you must be willing to choose the hard choice over the easy one because that is how you break generational curses. And that is how you free your family from this survival game that we are all a part of. Because at the end of the day that’s all it is just a big game of survival that we are all playing. But instead of surviving, how about we start thriving. I’m sure then we could help our family help themselves in so many ways.

Transformation of a Lifetime

You see I’m a skinny guy but I’m not as skinny as I used to be. Because I didn’t realize how important working out was to me until I reached my lowest point. I reached a point in my life where I was just fed up. I was fed up with people not picking me on their team because of how I appeared. I was fed up with the demons inside of me telling me that I was nothing. And most important of all, I was fed up with looking at myself in the mirror and thinking wow is that it is that all that you can bring to the table? So, I wanted to prove to myself that I can bring more to the table. I wanted to prove to people that you are going to regret counting me out, and I wanted to prove to the demons inside of me that they were FUCKING WITH THE WRONG PERSON! I used exercise as not only my come back, but also as a way to improve my self-esteem. I wanted to build my confidence up, I wanted to appreciate myself more, and I wanted to not think of myself as a twig again. Now I still have a lot work to do but I am happy with how far I have come. I used to weigh around 150lbs but now I weigh 172lbs. I use to struggle with certain weights, but now I use those same weights for my warm-ups. Now the point of the story is this, find a way to help yourself improve more. Step out of your comfort zone and do something different that will help you improve yourself in ways that you couldn’t imagine. Because I know for me working out has helped me improve myself not only physically but mentally. So, I am happy I reached my lowest point because I found something that helped me rise up from it.

Change Of Environment

The question today is what are you doing to change your environment? What are you doing to influence yourself or other people? You see, something that I have learned is that many of us are influenced by trends started by many people. For example, Allen Iverson started the trend of Cornrows for many young people. Michael Jackson had everyone around the world trying to lean forward without falling. Taylor Swift had most of us singing in the mirror to a heartbreak song in the early 2000s and Mariah Carey had everyone singing “ALL I Want For Christmas Is You.” Now, I know you are probably thinking “Well the reason these people probably had an influence is that they are famous.” But, what if it’s because they aimed at our emotions and love of things such as; dance, style, and music. You see everyone can do it. Everyone can have an influence or change their environment just by doing something simple. It could be just smiling at someone who may be having a rough day. It could be offering someone assistance, picking up a pencil for someone who dropped it, telling a joke to someone to make them laugh, and so much more. You see, it’s all about starting a trend that benefits everyone overall. One trend that I think changed the environment is TikTok. Now I don’t watch TicTok much, but what I have noticed is that many people are using it. Many people are using TicTok to do many things such as; singing, making people laugh, inspiring, educating, etc. One reason that it has such an influence is because of the change that it has brought to our environment. It allows for us to relate to people who come from different walks of life topics, etc. So, what are you doing to influence yourself or other people? What are you doing to change your environment? Because everyone can do it you just have to be willing to give it a try.

Blowing with the wind

Imagine you are a leaf, just blowing with the wind. As the wind goes you go and when there is no wind you stay where you are at until the wind comes again. But, imagine if all of a sudden the wind just stopped. The wind stops blowing, therefore you stay where you are without ever going on to the next location. You see, that is how our life goes. For instance, if you stay hooked on toxic people, toxic traits, and negative mindsets you will never move onto your next level. You will stay the same or even worse you’ll start to decay. But if you move onto better people, positive mindsets, and good traits you will be able to move up to levels that you haven’t experienced before. You see, we are all leaves just blowing in the wind. Some of us blow towards the good side and some of us blow towards the bad side. Now, a leaf can’t determine what direction it blows in because it goes freely. Just like us, we can’t control what goes on around us but we can control how we respond to it. I believe that if the wind blows you to a bad location, at any given moment you can be blown into a good one and vice versa. But it all depends on how you respond to the direction that the wind blows.

Sun and Moon

The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Once the sun is gone the moon rises in the evening and sets in the morning. It’s a constant routine of daylight ending and moonlight starting, and vice-versa. You see, if we look closely at the weather there is a lesson to be learned from it. For instance, even during our sunniest of days, we still experience some darkest moments. And when the sun sets we experience darkness, but there is always light at the end of it.

Garden of Sins

Imagine all of the sins that you have committed, placed into one big garden. Now, imagine some of these sins staying as small as a rose but some of them growing to be as big as a tree. The ones staying small are the ones you nurture the least, but the ones growing big are the ones you nurture the most. Now imagine another garden, but this one is full of goals and dreams. This garden doesn’t grow at all, and all of your goals and dreams stay the size of a seed. So because of the lack of nurture, you didn’t put into your goals and dreams, your sins grew larger which ended up destroying your entire garden. You nurtured sins of judgment towards people but didn’t nurture those goals to help them. You nurtured sins of lying and cheating but didn’t nurture goals of honesty and loyalty. You nurtured sins for hatred but didn’t nurture goals for love. You see we walk around and expect our garden to grow when all we are doing is poisoning it by nurturing the garden of sins that keeps it from growing. As the saying goes “We ask for the bag from God but as soon as we receive it, we forget why we asked for it in the first place”. So, why do we ask for the sunlight, the water, and the dirt for our garden if we are only going to pour them into things that prevent our garden from growing?