Eternal Flame

Everyone has that feeling, that feeling that burns inside of you everyday, that feeling that gets you hyped out of nowhere, that feeling that’s unexplainable. You see I like to believe this feeling is connected to your purpose, it’s connected to your destiny, and it’s what makes you you. Most of the time people tryContinue reading “Eternal Flame”

Diving Deep into The Mind

A child without parents to guide him or her into the right direction will end up finding someone who will lead them in any direction. A woman hurt by the scars she was given, delivers pain and hatred to anyone with opening arms. A man troubled by his own past, lives a life weaken andContinue reading “Diving Deep into The Mind”

What does music mean?

Why is music important? Is it because of the beat, the singing or rapping, or is it because of the moves we show off when our favorite song comes on. My opinion of music is that it’s something that effects our emotions, it’s something that can change the way we think, the way we act,Continue reading “What does music mean?”

What Separates You?

Many people want to achieve special things in life. Many people want to be a successful business person, many people want to better the world, and many people want to know their purpose in life. But the true question is, what makes you different? What separates you from everybody else? You see, you aren’t theContinue reading “What Separates You?”