The only truly war that matters is the war within one’s self. You see, we all contain some good and some bad which affects the world around us all the time. We tend to look at other nations, other people, different religions, and see nothing but differences that lead to the so called wars that we are in. But, we have yet to realize that the true war starts within ourselves. You see, it is the war inside of us that leads to the chaos that we can and have caused. Whether it’s the dropping of atomic bombs, the shooting of innocent people, the elimination of our so called “enemies”, the massacre of entire villages, and the souls of which we have taken. But this war also contains balance. Yes! We have caused chaos but we have also caused beauty. This beauty comes in forms of a new born child, the rebuilding of what was once destroyed, the unity within the separation, and the love that shadows over the hatred. So, I say this, the war on the outside isn’t the true war that we need to start dealing with. It’s the war on the inside, the war unseen, the war that we know about but we tend to forget.

“There’s always an inner war going on. To whom I love more. You or Myself.”~ Abinash Biswal

Look at how far you’ve came this year. You have taken losses, lost friends, had some heartbreaks, and made many mistakes. But you survived, you pressed on, and you will continue to conquer whatever it is that comes your way.

What’s a fulfilled life to you?

Why were you chosen, out of everyone else, to live? Many times in life, we take so many things for granted which leads us to missing out on those things. Those things could be family, friends, love, dreams, and even living a fulfilled life. You see, the question most people try to answer is how do you live a fulfilled life? And what makes your life fulfilled? Is it the love you show, is it the places you visit, is it the photos you have taken, or is it something else? You see, I can’t even tell you how to live a fulfilled life, nor can I tell you what to do with your life. Only thing I can say is to just live. Live your life with meaning not for others but for yourself. You don’t have to be a millionaire, professional athlete, or a celebrity to live a fulfilled life. You just have to be you! Being you is all that you need, being you is enough to make the world go round, and being you is what leads you to a fulfilled life. Truth is you already know what you want, you just haven’t found the answer yet. So for those of you searching for a fulfilled life the answer to that is inside of you. Only you know what you need and want in life, not anyone else. So instead of asking yourself the question, “ what is a fulfilled life?” ask yourself “what is a fulfilled life to me?”

Self Healing

Self healing to me is the ability to heal one’s self. The question is how do you do it? How do you heal yourself after everything you have been through? How do you defeat the odds and press on to better things? How do you heal? You see, something that has been on my mind is the question “Is there a way to help someone heal?” And I feel as if the answer to that is within one’s self. You see, we all go through different pains, different emotions, and different experiences in life that leave us shattered or broken in some way. It could be mentally, physically, or spiritually. You see, our soul is targeted in many ways by things that we have control over and by things we don’t have control over. Which is why self healing is necessary. That’s one reason why you can’t go around trying to heal yourself in the same way others around you are healing. We have to realize that self healing isn’t for anyone else but ourselves. It’s something that only you and you alone can do for you. No one else can heal you the way that you can heal yourself. Sure, they can distract you for a bit to get your minds off things, but those things always end up coming back again. You must take it upon yourself in order to heal yourself. Now, some people do it in different ways. Some people write about it, some read, some run, some pray, and some have no clue what to do at all. Which is why it’s a personal thing, it’s something that you have to figure out on your own. Yes, you can look for guidance towards healing from other people, but at the end of the day it’s up to you and you alone to seek the healing that you deserve. Remember you can hide the scars from the world, but you can never hide the scars from yourself.