Don’t Give A Damn

Starting off I want to tell you to not GIVE A DAMN about what someone says about you. You see people are going to disagree with things that they don’t really understand, they are going to judge people who they don’t really know much about, and they are going to talk about you no matterContinue reading “Don’t Give A Damn”

We Are All Different

We are all different people, who move in different ways, who act a certain way, who live a certain way, and who dream certain things. You see my time in the navy has brought me around so many people from so many different backgrounds. You see the navy has taught me many things about peopleContinue reading “We Are All Different”


I have learned that sometimes in life you have to have some alone time. Could be when you are having a bad day and every little thing gets to you, could be when you have spent so much time around family and friends and you want to just break away for a bit, and finallyContinue reading “Alone”

So What Do You Do It For?

I believe that no matter what you do in life, always remember what you are doing it for. Whether it’s you working a 9-5 job, out on the streets hustling, or even taking those college classes that are stressing you out always remember what you are doing it for. You see, I feel like atContinue reading “So What Do You Do It For?”

Broken Pieces

We have a lot of people in this world, who I would consider to be broken pieces. These are the ones who have been hurt by something or someone and it has changed them every since. It has changed the way they think, the way they act, and most importantly the way they treat themselves.Continue reading “Broken Pieces”


What do you want to be a symbol of?I want to be a symbol of hope, a symbol of motivation, and a symbol of dreams coming true. I want for people to see my writing, my logo, and think positive. I want them to see that I’m someone who cares about other people’s dreams. IContinue reading “Symbol”

Behind Close Doors

You see a smile, you see a nice car, you see a happy family, and you see a dream turned into a reality. You see all these positive things but what you don’t see is the struggle. You don’t see the pain that person is going through who stays smiling all the time, you don’tContinue reading “Behind Close Doors”

Good Days And Bad Days

Have you ever had it where your day could be going good, then all of a sudden things start to go down hill all based off of one thing? You see these are things that happen all the time. I know for me it has happen a few times where I come up with somethingContinue reading “Good Days And Bad Days”

We Are Our Greatest Asset

In life, you are your greatest asset. You are in competition with nobody but yourself. When it comes down to it, you are the only one that can break you down, you are the only one who can choose who comes in and out your life, and you are the one who determines your faith. […]


The grind for me is waking up early and going to sleep late. It’s the hunt, the hunger, and the drive that pushes and pulls you everyday to your dreams. You see, I believe that everyone has the grind inside of them, but only a few people choose to take that step towards it. OnlyContinue reading “Grind”


Sometimes in life, you may feel like no one is listening, you may feel like the pain you are going through no one can understand, you may feel voiceless. You see in life we have people who feel alone, who feel like no one cares for them, who feel like things will never get better.Continue reading “Voiceless”