It’s going to come times where you must sacrifice in order to achieve your goals in life. Going to come times where you have to put your pride to the side and listen to what others have to say. And it’s going to come times where the only person who can get you out of the situation you are in is you. You see a new you is always waiting to come, but that new you could be a downgrade or a upgrade which at the end of the day it all depends on you. So tell your friends you can’t hang out today, skip those parties that will always come around, and turn those dreams into a reality. Because like the famous Anthony Hopkins said “ Without sacrifice there can be no victory”. So why not be willing to sacrifice now just so you can receive the victory in the end.

“You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make.”- Gordon B. Hinckley

What Separates You?

Many people want to achieve special things in life. Many people want to be a successful business person, many people want to better the world, and many people want to know their purpose in life. But the true question is, what makes you different? What separates you from everybody else? You see, you aren’t the only one who wants to better the world, you aren’t the only one who wants to better yourself and your family, and you aren’t the only one who wants to know their purpose. So what makes you different? Is it because you are more hard working, better listener, better speaker, more consistent, or more patient? You see, when you are on the battlefield for survival and you want a way out, you have to think outside the box. You have to do something that no one else is doing, you have to think different, work different, and move different. Your moves can’t be the same as someone else and you can’t do the same old thing over again. I believe we are all different in our own ways but it’s up to us to figure out how. How are we different from others, how do our gifts contribute to our purpose? I like to believe that we all have special things that we do everyday that come natural to us, things that are a gift from GOD that we can use to help us find our purpose, things that can help us accomplish our goals, and things that can help us stand out from the crowd around us. It’s just up to us to figure out what is that special thing that separates us from everyone else and how can we use it in our lives.