Don’t see someone who is richer than you, more knowledgeable than you, or living a better life than you as an enemy. I enjoy seeing someone who’s more success than me because not only does it give me someone to look up to as inspiration, but it also fuels the fire in me to surpass the person I am now one day. Many of us be too busy hating on people who have achieved things we haven’t rather than figuring out how they did it in the first place.

Lay It All Out

I’m at a stage now where I feel sad, mad, and confused. I bust my ass off last year in the navy, for myself, and for my dreams to come true because I found my purpose in life. And I have done so much stuff for my age, but still there are many things I have yet to do. You know money isn’t everything, but money is one of the things you need in order to invest in certain things for your future. You see, I have beat myself up many times saying “damn you need to find a way to make more money,” or “man you need to suck it up and continue on with it.” But, I let my emotions get the best of me. I understand that it’s going to take more than a day, or month, or even a year to get out of these bad habits I’m in, but I want to start right here and right now. I’m tired of waiting, tired of saying a blessing is coming my way when I could just make one appear. But I’m learning to understand that you can’t rush your dreams. You have to take your time, now sure there will be times where something will come up unexpectedly, but you must breathe in and learn to slow down. I learned to slow things down by working out, reading, or writing. You see, these three habits helped me to release whatever is bothering me off my mind. They help me to stay calm and refocus on the task at hand. So, yes following your dreams is tough and the consistency of taking action is also tough, but it’s a battle you must take on. Because in order to live the life that you want to live, you must go out there and fight for it. Fight for it with every bone in your body. Blood, sweat, and tears shall be given for your dreams. If something is standing in your way whether it’s family, friends, your job, or even yourself. You put those things to the side and keep going. Even if you have to do it all alone, you keep on fighting, and pushing until you have won not just the battle, but the war.

Change of Vocabulary

I learned that mindset is a very important thing that you have to change in order to break free from your bad habits. Which also includes changing your vocabulary. For example, when I started the process of publishing my book I had to stop viewing my book as another expense. You see, publishing a book costs time and money, and at times I would have to sacrifice going out with friends and spending money on things that weren’t important just so I would have enough saved up, so I could put it towards my book. You see, I had to learn that it’s not considered an expense, it’s an investment. It’s an investment in something I believe in and I shouldn’t be tripping about it, and treating it like another expense. You see, you might not think it matters, but the way you see something will affect the way you feel and think about it. For example, your job you may or might not like it, but if you constantly tell yourself that “you fucking hate it” and “nothing will change,” then nothing will change. But, if you come into work, even though you don’t like it, and you say something like “you know what I don’t like this job, but I know a change is coming for me one day,” then a change will come. But, you have to speak it into exist and change your vocabulary because leveling up is going to require for you to change so many traits about yourself to the point where you become unrecognizable. You’ll become a whole new person and the good thing about that is you get to decide who you want to become.

How do we truly know if it’s meant to be?

I have seen celebrities who have been together for many years and then all of a sudden they fall off, and get a divorce. I have witness pastors and life coaches talk about their trials and tribulations with a significant other, and how it’s a process to stay together only for them to end up separating. Which brings me to my next topic, how do you know if it’s truly meant to be? You see, you could have hell of money, be the cutest thing ever, be someone who talks about love with your significant other, and still end up falling off. So, it makes me wonder how do you truly know if someone is meant for you? Now, me personally I would feel like I wasted my time if I married a woman, and 30 years down the line we end up separating over something that we could have worked out together. You see, I believe every relationship needs to start with a strong foundation. Because down the line the foundation should be strengthen and added on to. I believe what causes people to divorce down the line is the weak bonds between them that they didn’t notice in the beginning stages that led to them splitting up. You see, there is a saying that goes like this “how a relationship starts is how it usually ends.” For instance, if a lot of cheating and lying is going on in the beginning, then soon that will be the cause of why it will end. I also believe having a decline in faith, as time goes by, is another reason why divorces happen. Now, I’m no love expert and I don’t study love this is just something I have noticed in a lot of relationships and it’s something I have wondered about. So again I ask, how do we truly know if someone is meant to be? How do we truly know if we are in love?

Opportunities within the lesson

One person receives love, while the other receives hate. The one who receives love has an opportunity to show others that same kind of love. The one who receives hate has an opportunity to not be hateful towards others because they know how it feels to be hated. The point is this there’s a lesson in everything whether that’s the way we act, the way we are treated, and the way we treat others. We must learn to notice those lessons so we can notice the opportunities we are presented with.

Achieving goals is all about mindset. Because when you tell yourself you are going to win and you stick to it, eventually you will win. But if you tell yourself you are going to lose, even before the match has started, then you will lose.

Reality Check

I’m one of the most motivated people I know, but I get angry so quick. It started because I figured if I was nice, happy, and treated everyone how I wanted to be treated that I would be treated fair. But, I realized that was completely wrong, that it didn’t matter how nice I was, how happy I was, or how I treated people. I would always be treated unfair. So, what did I do about it? I usually would’ve gotten angry and pissed off, and asked why was I being treated like this? But, I had to learn to 1) Don’t expect the world to treat you fair. And 2) don’t allow your emotions to control you. You see, I preached about staying calm in every situation and bettering yourself, but I was allowing the outside world to affect me. I was allowing certain things to be taken personal and I was allowing my own emotions to destroy me. You see, I’m not perfect nor do I want to be, but I do want to be the best that I can be. But, I couldn’t achieve that if I didn’t speak the truth. I couldn’t achieve that if I allowed my emotions to get to me. And I couldn’t achieve that if I expected the world to treat me fair. As I said before, the world is what you make of it so if you choose to make a hard world then you will go through some hard times. But hard times don’t last forever. But the overall point I’m trying to make is that sometimes you need to give yourself a reality check. Listen if you know something you are doing is wrong then why not fix it. Why not fix it that way no one else has to tell you to? This is your life you control it, so why not take ownership and learn from the wrongs you have committed, that way you don’t repeat them again? Because any lesson can be taught to anyone. But the lesson means nothing if you don’t take the time and actually learn from it.

The Heart of a Lion

The heart of a lion to me isn’t someone who is always strong. It isn’t someone who doesn’t have negative thoughts. And it isn’t someone who doesn’t make excuses at times. You see, having the heart of a lion to me is someone who has negative thoughts, but they don’t let it consume them. They’re people who make more gains than excuses. They’re someone who doesn’t allow negative energy to affect them in anyway. They’re someone who uses their failures and mistakes they’ve made to fuel them, to press on, and achieve more than they have lost. You see, to me having the heart of a lion has it’s own problems, it’s own trials, and tribulations. But, that is why they have the heart of a lion because they are meant to take on battles that others can’t face. Because the heart of a lion is strong, but it only became strong based off of the battles and the environment that it was put in. Because only the strong will make it through the jungle, so they can proceed on to the waterfall that awaits.

First Ever Published Book

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