What does music mean?

Why is music important? Is it because of the beat, the singing or rapping, or is it because of the moves we show off when our favorite song comes on. My opinion of music is that it’s something that effects our emotions, it’s something that can change the way we think, the way we act,Continue reading “What does music mean?”

Get Over It

Some of you might not like what I have to say, but I believe it’s something that’s needs to be said. The true reason why most of you are stuck where you are or why you haven’t made any progress towards your goals, is because you’re too busy looking back at the past rather thenContinue reading “Get Over It”

Don’t Give A Damn

Starting off I want to tell you to not GIVE A DAMN about what someone says about you. You see people are going to disagree with things that they don’t really understand, they are going to judge people who they don’t really know much about, and they are going to talk about you no matterContinue reading “Don’t Give A Damn”