What’s a fulfilled life to you?

Why were you chosen, out of everyone else, to live? Many times in life, we take so many things for granted which leads us to missing out on those things. Those things could be family, friends, love, dreams, and even living a fulfilled life. You see, the question most people try to answer is howContinue reading “What’s a fulfilled life to you?”

Continuation of what’s next

Figuring out the next move is something that has me with mix feelings. You see, I usually always know what I want to work on next but then I just think to myself like how do I even get started on it. You see, living in a money driven society many things require money. Now,Continue reading “Continuation of what’s next”

You are valuable

Money has no value. In the United States we print around $541 million a day. So that means it doesn’t matter how much money we spend we can always gain more again. But the real value lies in the people. People are valuable therefore they make other things valuable. So next time you talk downContinue reading “You are valuable”