What’s right What’s wrong

For a long time, we have always wanted to know what is right and what is wrong is wrong in this world. You see, we believe that the things we are doing is right in our perspective, but what about in someone else’s? What does someone else see that we don’t see? Do they seeContinue reading “What’s right What’s wrong”

Damaged Emotions

You may know someone who is controlled by their emotions but you also may be that someone. To be honest I’m that someone. I’m that someone, who has experienced some things to where my emotions at times get the best of me. Whether it’s by me not trusting someone, not loving someone as much, orContinue reading “Damaged Emotions”

Questionable People

Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and John F. Kennedy all have one thing in common. They all wanted change not only in people but for world. You see, I have learned that if you’re someone who questions their surroundings you are seen as a threat in the eyes of other’s, therefore they willContinue reading “Questionable People”

Beauty in the riches

I have mix feelings about money. You see, money is something that, too me, can be a good thing or a bad thing but it all depends on the situation. I have seen the hardships of money, whether it was having to move from house to house all because we couldn’t pay the bills onContinue reading “Beauty in the riches”

What Are You Willing To Do

What are you willing to do for your dreams? I have seen how much a mother is willing to do for her kids. You see, my father wasn’t in me and my brothers lives growing up so my mom had to take on that role. But instead of trying to fill that role with anotherContinue reading “What Are You Willing To Do”