The Power Of Understanding

You see, most times I get asked “What’s being a black man like? What’s being in the navy like? What’s chasing your dreams like?” But I’ve never heard the question “What’s being different like?” I think being different for us is done in many ways through the hardships and struggles we face everyday. Some comesContinue reading “The Power Of Understanding”

What Does Your Dreams Identify About You

The love I have for my dreams is real. I think about them everyday, all day. I have late nights and early mornings because I’m working towards them. And I rush to sleep only to wake up driven and motivated by them. You see, my dreams reveal my hard work, my love for learning more,Continue reading “What Does Your Dreams Identify About You”

It’s ok that you are not

You are going through pain, it’s ok. You feel lost and discourage, it’s ok. You feel no love is given to you, it’s ok. All the doors around you seem to be locked, it’s ok. You see it’s ok, it’s ok that you are not ok. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So many peopleContinue reading “It’s ok that you are not”

What’s written in the scars?

Written behind the scars, lies a person beaten and broken. A person who couldn’t withstand any pain, any suffering, or any lost of any kind. But what’s written in the scars? What remains after the damage has been done? You see, there is a story to be told from the scars, the scars aren’t justContinue reading “What’s written in the scars?”

What are our limits?

There’s a saying that goes “I’m only human.”You see, what I understand from this saying is that it means “I’m a human. I have limits,” which I totally agree with but I also disagree with. You see, something that I have learned is that humanity is capable of anything when we work together. You see,Continue reading “What are our limits?”