The most valuable thing in the world is time. You see, life is what you make of it whether you choose bad or good the choice is up to you. But, you must remember your time is the most valuable thing you will ever contain. You see, we don’t know when our time is up, we don’t know when death could be standing at the door waiting for us. Which is why every second of every minute, of every hour should not be wasted. This is why we must not waste time worried about what someone else has to say about us. Seriously, why do we choose to waste time thinking about what other people have to say? Why do we waste time bitching and complaining about things that we have no control over? Why do we waste time feeling sorry for ourselves when we could be out bettering ourselves? Why do we waste time chasing after someone else’s wishes for us when we should be chasing after our own? I had to learn that you can’t waste your time bitching about something, if you aren’t going to do anything about it. You can’t waste your time on things that you have no control over, because the only thing you can control is how you respond. I had to learn that you can’t rewind time to go back to the good days, when you start going through the shitty ones. Life isn’t like that because while you are trying to stand still or move backwards, life is just going to keep on moving forward whether you like it or not. Time isn’t going to stand still for no one, which is why you can’t just waste it because you’ll never get that time back. Now, I know I’m young, but being 20 years old there are so many things I wish I could change. I wish I could go back in time and change my cousin’s death. I wish I could go back in time and ask out the girl who I was scared to ask. I wish I could go back in time and do the things in high-school I wanted to do, and I wish I could go back in time and tell my much younger self the things I know now. But I can’t, I can’t change anything that has already happened. The only thing I can do now is not waste my time and do everything that I want to do. If I don’t have the money for it, then I’ll earn it. If I don’t have the strength for it, then I’ll gain it. If I don’t have the knowledge for it, then I’ll learn it. The point is this, for now on I will not waste anymore time. I will do the things that I have always wanted to do without worrying about what comes my way. Because when time stops and the clock doesn’t tick anymore, I will have no regrets on what I didn’t do. Because I will have lived a fulfilled life without wasting any of my time.

Muscle Memory

I think one of the hardest things to change is our mindset. I know I talk about mindset a lot, but it’s because our mindset is the key to everything we do. But not only is it the key, it’s also one of the hardest things we have that is hard to change. Now, when you are trying to better your life, that requires for you to do many things you haven’t done before. It will require for you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new things that can help better your life. Now, all of that requires for you to change your old mindset into a new one, but it’s something that must be done consistently. I believe the reason for this is because our mind has muscle memorized so many things to the point where most things become instant. For example, navy seals go through so much training in order to become a navy seal, and once they become one they still go through more training. Now, not only do they go through this much training so they can be better over time, but also so that when they are on a mission, and it’s time to act, they will do it instantly without even thinking about it. You see, it all dials down to our daily habits we do everyday. For instance, if you are someone who wants to better yourself, but every time you make an excuse for not working out, or getting up early then your mind turns that into muscle memory. And overtime making excuses just becomes something instantly you do without even thinking about it. Which is why you must target your daily habits and think about exactly what it is you do everyday, that pushes you farther, and farther away from the person you want to become. Because we all have something that’s keeping us from reaching our full potential and usually it’s our muscle memories that we haven’t changed.


Have you ever thought about something or said something then later on that day, or week it became reality? You see, that’s called manifesting. You see, when you manifest something you think or speak it into existence. It’s something that’s very powerful because whether it’s good or bad it can come true. You see, I strongly believe that your mind, soul, body, spirit and the universe are affected heavily by the things you say or think. For instance, if you speak life into yourself then you will get life, but if speak death into yourself then you will get death. I once heard this old ancient quote that goes “The warrior inside of us is affected by the things we speak or think of”, which is another reason I wrote this speech because it reminded me just how important manifesting is. You see, if you want to turn your whole life around you must see the good in it first. But, not do you need to see it you must manifest it, you must think it, speak it, and pursue it. Because changing your life begins the very moment you start to manifest it.

“Whatever image your mind clings to will tend to replicate itself in your real world.”~ Mary Morrissey

Mind Over Matter

I saw a quote earlier that was talking about how someone could be used by God, while at the same time battling with their sinful habits. I want to talk about this because I myself have to battle with sinful habits, while also serving as a man of God. You see, one of my biggest problems, that kept me from achieving what I wanted to achieve, was distractions. Now, distractions could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation, but my distraction was something that I have wanted to get rid of for many years. I just haven’t been able to. You see, lust was something that was a burden on me even though I haven’t had sex, I would still think about it all the time. I told myself many times when I find the right one for me, I would give her my all and that included sex. Now growing up, porn was always something I use to distract me from just going out and trying to have sex with any female. Seriously, I wanted it bad but I wanted it to be with the right one because the Christian side of me wanted to wait, but the other side of me wanted to just say fuck it and go for it. So, I resorted to watching porn because I figured hey you want sex, but you want it with the right one how bout I just use porn to handle the lustful thoughts. Now as time went by, watching porn became a habit for me because whenever I thought about just having sex, I resorted to porn that way I wouldn’t just go and talk to a random female with the intensions of just having sex. You see, I thought it would only last one year, but as time went by it was something that kept being going on and soon I was watching porn everyday. Now, since I am 20 years old I have realized one important thing, and that important thing is that instead of wasting my time on trying to get rid of lust by watching porn, how about I try another technique. So, the new technique that I tried was writing. You see, writing helped me slowly get rid of my lustful thoughts, even though some are still there, at least I know I’m trying. So, what I’m trying to say is this, if you are someone who has sinful habits, but you are trying to get close to God or you are just trying to stop. I want to let you know that it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be hard to get rid of bad habits because you are so use to them. It’s going to take more than a day, a month, and maybe even a year before you start a new habit. But you must begin. You must begin because wasting your time on sinful or bad habits is just that A WASTE OF TIME! We have so much more to life than just watching porn all day or any other bad habits that isn’t contributing to our growth. I had to learn that you must become strong and fight it off because it’s going to come around again just to test you, but when you learn to strengthen your mindset, even when those habits come back around, you’ll be able to take on anything that comes your way. So, find a way to stop the bad habits you are going through. Because you can’t expect any growth if you are still in the same mindset you are in. Because if we keep the same mindset, we will remain stuck in the situation we’re in.

Don’t see someone who is richer than you, more knowledgeable than you, or living a better life than you as an enemy. I enjoy seeing someone who’s more success than me because not only does it give me someone to look up to as inspiration, but it also fuels the fire in me to surpass the person I am now one day. Many of us be too busy hating on people who have achieved things we haven’t rather than figuring out how they did it in the first place.

Lay It All Out

I’m at a stage now where I feel sad, mad, and confused. I bust my ass off last year in the navy, for myself, and for my dreams to come true because I found my purpose in life. And I have done so much stuff for my age, but still there are many things I have yet to do. You know money isn’t everything, but money is one of the things you need in order to invest in certain things for your future. You see, I have beat myself up many times saying “damn you need to find a way to make more money,” or “man you need to suck it up and continue on with it.” But, I let my emotions get the best of me. I understand that it’s going to take more than a day, or month, or even a year to get out of these bad habits I’m in, but I want to start right here and right now. I’m tired of waiting, tired of saying a blessing is coming my way when I could just make one appear. But I’m learning to understand that you can’t rush your dreams. You have to take your time, now sure there will be times where something will come up unexpectedly, but you must breathe in and learn to slow down. I learned to slow things down by working out, reading, or writing. You see, these three habits helped me to release whatever is bothering me off my mind. They help me to stay calm and refocus on the task at hand. So, yes following your dreams is tough and the consistency of taking action is also tough, but it’s a battle you must take on. Because in order to live the life that you want to live, you must go out there and fight for it. Fight for it with every bone in your body. Blood, sweat, and tears shall be given for your dreams. If something is standing in your way whether it’s family, friends, your job, or even yourself. You put those things to the side and keep going. Even if you have to do it all alone, you keep on fighting, and pushing until you have won not just the battle, but the war.

Change of Vocabulary

I learned that mindset is a very important thing that you have to change in order to break free from your bad habits. Which also includes changing your vocabulary. For example, when I started the process of publishing my book I had to stop viewing my book as another expense. You see, publishing a book costs time and money, and at times I would have to sacrifice going out with friends and spending money on things that weren’t important just so I would have enough saved up, so I could put it towards my book. You see, I had to learn that it’s not considered an expense, it’s an investment. It’s an investment in something I believe in and I shouldn’t be tripping about it, and treating it like another expense. You see, you might not think it matters, but the way you see something will affect the way you feel and think about it. For example, your job you may or might not like it, but if you constantly tell yourself that “you fucking hate it” and “nothing will change,” then nothing will change. But, if you come into work, even though you don’t like it, and you say something like “you know what I don’t like this job, but I know a change is coming for me one day,” then a change will come. But, you have to speak it into exist and change your vocabulary because leveling up is going to require for you to change so many traits about yourself to the point where you become unrecognizable. You’ll become a whole new person and the good thing about that is you get to decide who you want to become.