“Hurt people, hurt people”

“Hurt people, hurt people.” When I first heard that quote, I thought to myself “how could they?”. How could people who have witnessed being hurt go out and hurt someone else? I figured they understood how it felt to be hurt so they wouldn’t want to hurt anyone else. But you see, I had toContinue reading ““Hurt people, hurt people””

Understanding Others

I don’t see a teenager on the block as a thug or a drug dealer. I see someone looking for a way out. I don’t see a mother on a pole as a stripper. I see someone who has big dreams for their kids. I don’t see a father drinking beer as an alcoholic. IContinue reading “Understanding Others”

Giving Thanks

While you are out with your families and friends enjoying the holidays, take a second and remember those who don’t have that chance. Those who don’t have friends or family, or those who have them but can’t be with them right now. I want you to remember that so you can be thankful for whatContinue reading “Giving Thanks”