Everyone Has Those Days

Even though I might not take everyday actions towards my goals. Doesn’t mean I am not thinking about them. Sometimes I take a break, a break to relax after the constant grind that was put in. Sometimes I need moments to where I just sit still and think not do anything, not move a single muscle, but just sit and think. Think about everything I have achieved before and everything that lies before me which is endless opportunities and possibilities. Take a moment and think of why I’m doing what I’m doing so that on days when I feel down or stuck I can remember why I started in the first place. You see on days like this even though work might not be done physically for my goals they are done mentally. They are done in a way where I’m focusing on improving my mind, soul, and spirit without the physical aspect of it. Because I believe with a strong, growing, and rested mindset you can achieve and take on anything that comes your way.

STOP using the same excuses for why you aren’t where you are want to be. I’ve heard people say things like, “oh it’s because of my color, oh it’s because of my skin, or oh it’s because I’m a male or female”. Listen if you want to accomplish your own definition of success. Then you must quit with the whole blaming it on your color, religion, or gender. There are plenty of people who are the same color, has the same religion, and are gender as you and they still achieved their very own definition of success. Reason being is because they refuse to allow for their color, religion, and gender to stop them from achieving something that they have always wanted. So why should you? Why should you allow for your color, religion, and gender to stop you from achieving something that at the end of the day is personal to you? It doesn’t belong to anyone else but you and if you have to go through hell and high water to achieve it then so be it. But you will not, I repeat, YOU WILL NOT blame it on your color, gender, or religion for why you aren’t where you want to be at in life. That is something entirely up to you so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Continuation of what’s next

Figuring out the next move is something that has me with mix feelings. You see, I usually always know what I want to work on next but then I just think to myself like how do I even get started on it. You see, living in a money driven society many things require money. Now, I believe true happiness can’t be found in money therefore you can find true happiness for free. Now, yes that’s the easy part but what about the hard part? What about wanting to build houses for people who don’t have one, what about wanting to travel the world, and spreading positivity and motivation all over? Does all of those things require money or is it something else? Does it really just take consistency to be able to do these things, does drive really take you that far, what’s really in store for you? I usually start with a goal whenever I’m trying to figure out what’s next. That goal then carries me on to the meat and potatoes of it, which is how will I achieve it. How will I achieve this goal? And the answer to that is, I place one foot in front of the other and take it step by step. Because believe me it will take awhile to achieve, but once you get started on it you’ll be surprise with what you find in store for you. In other words, prepare to receive more than what you asked for. So I say this, if you are struggling to figure out what’s next then start with a goal. Once you start with a goal everything else will fall in place, you just have to be willing to start.

You are valuable

Money has no value. In the United States we print around $541 million a day. So that means it doesn’t matter how much money we spend we can always gain more again. But the real value lies in the people. People are valuable therefore they make other things valuable. So next time you talk down about yourself, next time you say how you don’t mean anything to this world. Just remember you are valuable, you are someone, and you have a purpose here. You might not see it now but sooner you will.

Giving Thanks

While you are out with your families and friends enjoying the holidays, take a second and remember those who don’t have that chance. Those who don’t have friends or family, or those who have them but can’t be with them right now. I want you to remember that so you can be thankful for what you have right here, right now. Be thankful that you have a roof over your head, even if it’s not a great one, be thankful for your family and friends even though they might get on your nerves, and be thankful that you have a chance to celebrate another Thanksgiving even if you don’t celebrate it at least you made it to another one. Not many can say that so enjoy it, embrace it, and most of all be thankful for it.


Take a moment to give thanks for what you have and realize how blessed you are.- Unknown

What Separates You?

Many people want to achieve special things in life. Many people want to be a successful business person, many people want to better the world, and many people want to know their purpose in life. But the true question is, what makes you different? What separates you from everybody else? You see, you aren’t the only one who wants to better the world, you aren’t the only one who wants to better yourself and your family, and you aren’t the only one who wants to know their purpose. So what makes you different? Is it because you are more hard working, better listener, better speaker, more consistent, or more patient? You see, when you are on the battlefield for survival and you want a way out, you have to think outside the box. You have to do something that no one else is doing, you have to think different, work different, and move different. Your moves can’t be the same as someone else and you can’t do the same old thing over again. I believe we are all different in our own ways but it’s up to us to figure out how. How are we different from others, how do our gifts contribute to our purpose? I like to believe that we all have special things that we do everyday that come natural to us, things that are a gift from GOD that we can use to help us find our purpose, things that can help us accomplish our goals, and things that can help us stand out from the crowd around us. It’s just up to us to figure out what is that special thing that separates us from everyone else and how can we use it in our lives.