Random Thoughts Part 2

Starting off I want to say how at times I get tired of posting quotes. Not because I don’t want to do it anymore or anything like that, but mainly because I told myself that I will do more than post quotes. Told myself that I will actually cause a change not just with theContinue reading “Random Thoughts Part 2”

Random Thoughts Part 1

I dream of a better world, a better future not only for myself but for others as well. You see I was tired, tired of seeing the same shit happen everyday, tired of seeing people struggle day in and day out just to make a way. I was tired of violence, tired of hatred, tiredContinue reading “Random Thoughts Part 1”

Secret Place

Everyone has something they do or somewhere they go, when they have things on their mind. I know for me I like to write when things are on my mind because usually something great comes out of it. You see writing helps me understand things more as well as helps me get everything that IContinue reading “Secret Place”

Don’t Give A Damn

Starting off I want to tell you to not GIVE A DAMN about what someone says about you. You see people are going to disagree with things that they don’t really understand, they are going to judge people who they don’t really know much about, and they are going to talk about you no matterContinue reading “Don’t Give A Damn”