Growing up I didn’t have much confidence as I do now. I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t push myself to do better things, and I didn’t achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve at the time. Like some of you, I felt lost, I felt weak, I felt like everything I did orContinue reading “Confidence”


So why do we have opposites? Why can’t everything be one sided? You see In this world we live in, opposites attract. Can’t have good without the bad, Can’t have up without the down, Can’t have heaven without hell, and can’t have success without failure. Truth is if you think that you’re going to haveContinue reading “Opposite”


Why stop when you reach something you wanted to achieve? Why stop just because everyone else did? Why not continue on? Growing up I have always wanted to achieve my goals in life, I have always wanted to be able to say I made it, I have always wanted to make a better life forContinue reading “DON’T STOP”