Continuation of what’s next

Figuring out the next move is something that has me with mix feelings. You see, I usually always know what I want to work on next but then I just think to myself like how do I even get started on it. You see, living in a money driven society many things require money. Now,Continue reading “Continuation of what’s next”

You are valuable

Money has no value. In the United States we print around $541 million a day. So that means it doesn’t matter how much money we spend we can always gain more again. But the real value lies in the people. People are valuable therefore they make other things valuable. So next time you talk downContinue reading “You are valuable”

Sometimes you get tired of being nice

Have you ever been so nice to people only for those same people to turn around and treat you like shit? When you do all you can for someone and in return you get criticized for it? Well it has happen to me too, more than once. You know, I tell myself that I’m aContinue reading “Sometimes you get tired of being nice”

What’s right What’s wrong

For a long time, we have always wanted to know what is right and what is wrong is wrong in this world. You see, we believe that the things we are doing is right in our perspective, but what about in someone else’s? What does someone else see that we don’t see? Do they seeContinue reading “What’s right What’s wrong”