The things you dream about doing, someone else is already doing it. The life that you want to live, someone else is already living it. So don’t hate on them and say how they are lucky. Because they are living proof to show you that you can do the same. #liftmeup

Underrated Motivation

Some say motivation is overrated, but I think it’s underrated. I feel like so many people still don’t realize how much motivation can help you. For those struggling, it can help you turn your whole life around, for those lost it can help you be found again, and for those receiving so little it can help you receive so much more. You see, motivation is not just the drive and the impulsive feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. It’s knowing that something better and more is out there for you, but only if you are willing to go for it. But that’s only if you are willing to do what others wouldn’t do, dare to do things that you have never tried before, and take that leap that you are scared to take which could be life changing for you.


The day that I left Georgia and began my journey with the navy, I knew one thing. That the day I came back I wanted to be totally different. I knew that I wanted to have achieve greats things as well as learn somethings as well. But, I never would’ve imagined that I would have achieved so much in a short amount of time. You see, I could list all the things I have achieved since I left home but that’s not the point of this speech. The point is to look at the seed that I used to be and how I have learned to spread my roots in order to become someone better than before. You see with just the right nutritions like motivation, dedication, consistency, patience and many more. I was able to accomplish some goals that started off just like me, a little seed just waiting to spread. You see, I felt drained and tired at times but it’s mostly from the amount of energy I had to put in, in order to be able to reach my goals while serving for my country. But, I would say that even though I have been drained and tired at times, I don’t regret anything I had to do to get to where I’m at now. You see, I allowed myself to spread my roots and grow into someone who believes in change not only in others but also in himself. You see, so far I have proven to myself that I can change for the better and so can other people, but only if we allow ourselves to spread our roots. You see, we hold ourselves back and we stop ourselves from going the distance. At times, I feel like we are too afraid to spread our roots because we don’t know what’s pass the seed. But, I also feel like we will never know what’s pass the seed if we don’t spread our roots and figure it out. So I say to you don’t be afraid to grow, position yourself in growth, and spread your roots to form a better you.

Down time

Throughout my life I have had many sad moments or moments where I have felt like I was nothing but a big mistake. I call this my down time because during moments like these I have nothing but doubts, fear, and sadness that just seems like they will last forever. You see, as motivated and happy as I am, deep down inside I’m a bag of tears just waiting to burst. The reason for it however is because I take everything upon myself. Whatever mistake I made, whatever person I couldn’t save, and whatever dream I didn’t follow at the end of the day I take it all in. Now, I’m not going to lie most of the times I just want to hop in the shower and just let the tears roll, but nothing seems to come out. It’s like the tears I feel inside and the anger just waiting to explode just doesn’t want to come out. It has been many times where I have allowed my emotions to get in the way of me working or get in the way of how I feel about myself. Now, all in all, I’m not writing this article to say how sad and angry I am. No, I’m writing this for one reason and that reason is to show everyone out there that you will have your own “down time.” You will have your own moments in life where you feel like a complete fuck up and all you want to do it just cry or punch it all away. Where you just want to sit down and feel sorry for yourself because of the mistakes that you have made. But I say those moments are necessary. They are necessary because they allow for you to break yourself down only to build yourself back up again, but this time you’ll be new and improved. So I say to you, that it’s ok, it’s ok to have your down time, it’s ok to not be alright all the time, and it’s ok to feel like it will never end. Believe me it’s something that comes and goes all over again, but it’s something that you are going to have to go through if you are wanting to see growth within yourself.

Mission Readiness

You know since joining the navy I have learned many things that I never knew before. But, I think one important thing I have learned is that the plans may change but the mission stays the same. You see, in the navy we have a saying that goes ”expect the unexpected,” which is why we make sure we are mission ready at all times. Now, we tend to have secondary plans just in case something happens to the first one, but the mission stays the same. The mission stays the same because it doesn’t matter whatever challenge is thrown at us, we can always change our direction towards it but the mission stays the same. You see, I share this with you because every single one of you has a mission here. Every single one of you were born and brought into this world for a reason. You might think at times that you don’t have a reason for being here and that you don’t matter, and that you are just useless space. But I tell you this, YOU MATTER! You matter because there will never be another person like you. Yeah, sure some could copy your every move, but at the end of the day they will never be you. They will never be able to do what you are set to do on this earth. You might say “why is that?” and the answer to that question is because they have their own mission that they must follow just as well as you have yours. But, you see the person who determines that mission is you, like the navy you are in charge of your own mission. Now, yes things might seem a little shaky at times but you can always change the course of action towards them, but the mission stays the same.